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We have a global network:

In our company we have more than 30 years of Healthcare experience as well as 10 years of Hospital management and 10 years in the global IT-industry. As a consequence we have a strong international network and a clear view of where to find sucessfull processes and solutions worth exploring. We have held leading positions in eHealth- projects and networks in Europe and the Nordic countries.  And we are passionate about supporting projects and ideas to improve healthservices.

We can change Healthcare

There are no ideal Healthcare systems to study or explore. No country where all ambitions and targets have been met.

But there are, however, many examples of interesting projects and initiatives that can inspire and provide valuable experiences. Sucessfull leaders in the healthcarebusiness know that is is fruitfull to learn from others.

Based on your needs and interest we can designe professional programmes for study-visits, in large or small groups, to places worth visiting. Our model also includes preparatory seminars as well as follow-up discussion to ensure maximum value and results.